Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a Danish Warmblood. She is a portrait of a real life horse! Just like her counterpart, Daisy is very inquisitive and likes to be in the know. She loves her friends and getting scratched in just the right spot. Always aiming to be elegant, she is a lovely dancer and competes in the sport of Dressage.


Meet Charm!

Sweet Charm is a unicorn foal. She is tenacious and will never give up on a challenge. Her life motto is, “Third time’s a Charm, and that’s me!” She loves being able to help others achieve their goals.


Meet Ella!

Little Ella is a young American Paint Horse filly. She’s not bossy, she is the boss! Her favorite thing to do is to help keep those ragamuffin steers in check. Paint Horses are stock type horses with flashy pinto patterning traditionally used for ranch work.


Meet Cole!

Cole is a young Trakehner colt. He loves to roughhouse and hopes to one day compete in the Olympics in the sport of Eventing. Perfectly palm-sized, Cole would love nothing more than to be able to go with you everywhere!



Meet Calliope!

Calliope is a Chincoteague Pony from a little island off the coast of Virginia. She is a spunky girl who enjoys swimming and being a total “beach bum”. Her unique pinto coloring has given her two different colored eyes, one being the blue of the sea she loves so much.


Meet Nova

Nova is a mystical type of pony known as a Galaxy Galloper. Galaxy Gallopers love playing among the cosmos, collecting stardust; Nova’s personal collection is quite impressive. That shooting star you made your wish on? That was probably Nova or one of her friends.


Meet Barnum

Barnum is from Denmark. He is a breed of horse called a Knabstrupper (nab-strooper). Knabstruppers are known for their spotted appaloosa coat patterns and are great sport horses. Because of their flashy coats and athletic ability, they have often been used in the circus. Barnum is a bit of a clown and enjoys making people laugh with his tricks and performances.